Race Rules

Never Forget First Responder Memorial Relay

Official Rules
The Race ­ Runners

A) Each relay team will consist of 4 runners.

B) Each member of the team will run *ONE* 4 mile out and back leg of the relay. Teams with less than 4 runners may allow a runner to run course more than once for a total of 4 legs.

C) The runners must run in the order 1, 2, 3, 4. Each team assigns, within their team, which number runner will be 1, 2, 3 or 4 and they will then run each leg in that order.

D) Runner number 4 must have the bib with the tear off tag so when runner # 4 finishes the final leg of the relay, the timer can take the tag at the finish line in order to get an official time.

E) You must carry your relay baton with you the entire run until you hand it off to the next runner on your team.

The Course

A) Each leg is an out and back with the total distance of 4 miles.

B) Start / Finish is in Aptos Village Park 100 Aptos Creek Rd

C) Start / Finish is at inside the park near the community building

D) The run goes up the Park Access road to Aptos Creek Rd (This section is up hill)

E) The runners will take a left on Aptos Creek Rd and head into Nisene Marks State Park. There will be cones that you will stay to the right of as you come to the top and make your left hand turn. BE CAREFUL OF RUNNERS RETURNING TO THE START / FINISH

F) WARNING ­ Aptos Creek Rd (the road you will be running on) is open to traffic. There will be automobile, pedestrian and cyclists on the road. Please be careful

G) There will be traffic assistance as you make the left on to Aptos Creek Trail. WARNING ­ PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR TRAFFIC AT ALL TIMES AS THIS IS NOT A CLOSED COURSE

H) There will be mile markers 1, 2, and 3 miles. (Total distance in miles is 4.0 miles)

I) You will proceed into Nisene Marks on Aptos Creek Rd 2.0 mile to the turn around ­ Stay to the right side of the road.

J) The turn around will be marked with a cone with the sign that says “turn around”

K) Turn around at the cone and head back to Aptos Village Park ­ STAY TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD

L) There will be one water station after the turn around on the side of the road.

M) Runners while staying to the right will make a right hand turn into the Aptos Village park proceeding on the same the access road you used when exiting the park. PLEASE BE CAREFUL OF RUNNERS COMING UP THE ACCESS ROAD. STAY TO THE RIGHT AS YOU ARE COMING INTO THE PARK

N) As you come down the access road (please be careful it is downhill) stay to the right.

O) There will be cones set up on the final curve coming into the start finish line. STAY TO THE RIGHT. There will be relay runners coming up and we do not want to have any collisions.

P) Start to prepare to SLOW DOWN as you cross the finish

Q) Cross the finish line on the right side of the finish line, avoiding the runners that have already received the baton and are heading back up the hill.

R) SLOW DOWN, cross the finish line and prepare to hand off your relay baton to your next runner. The passing of the baton transition is explained below.

The Relay Transition

A) Once the first runner passes through the finish line they will immediately slow down.

B) There will be cones to the finishers left as they cross the finish line.

C) They will go around those cones keep them on their left shoulder.

D) The will make 180 loop around the cones back to the start / finish arch.

E) The next relay runner will be waiting under the start / finish

F) The next relay runner will be stationary. This will not be a running hand off.

G) Once the baton is handed to the next relay runner that runner is off to repeat the exact same course


~NEW for 2017~
Walking teams can go out in pairs of 2.

A) Walkers participating in the relay will consist of 4 team members

B) Each walker in the 4 member team will complete one 4 mile leg of the relay. Teams can walk in pairs of 2.

C) The race course will be the same course that is being used by the runners as outlined in detail above.

D) The same instructions about staying to the right and being observant of other pedestrians, cyclists and automobiles applies to the walkers the same way it applies to the runners.

E) The same procedures in the relay transition apply to the walkers. If a team pairs up, one walker will hand off to a walker from the other pair.


Parking will be limited, please car pool if possible. This event is accessible. Please cal lin advance for reasonable accommodation request.